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Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #7

About this session

Nowadays food is often an industrially produced product like many other things, yet designers are often not involved in the development. In this breakout session, we will take a closer look at the defining factors of food experiences (spoiler: taste is only one of many) and how we can design for a good user experience with food products.

We will also look at food itself, supporting products as well as food customs and develop some concrete concepts and get inspired with the help of a food design card set.

Key takeaways

  • Food is an industrialized product that needs to be designed
  • Food has a UX like any other product
  • Taste is only one of many relevant factors

About Carola

Carola Breuer

Carola Breuer

Design Strategist & Food Designer at Accenture Song Design

Working on food-related questions is Carola's personal passion and talent.

She believes in creating sustainable food solutions and improving the food system by combining her culinary background with design. Carola has experience in the home appliance industry, co-authored papers about multisensory and food design, and has teaching experience in the field.

Co-leading the Accenture Munich Pride Hub, she is a devoted advocate for Inclusion and Diversity. Carola has worked on physical as well as digital products and services and loves to create connections among them. As a strategic thinker, she is always focused on the “what” and “why” behind the “how”.

About Viola

Viola Reise

Viola Reise

Communications Designer & Brand Strategy Expert at Accenture Song Design

Viola is a strategist and design professional with 20+ years of experience in the field of brand strategy, corporate design and communications design. Brand strategy is the creation of a holistic and coherent eco-system with the brand’s personality in its centre and informing every part of the company – from product & service offers via culture & behaviour to all customer touchpoints. Having worked in London for renowned design agencies and with international clients for nearly two decades, Viola is an open-minded person thinking outside the box with an inter-cultural interest and always ensuring to put people and their needs in the centre of her work.