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Using Participatory Research Methods for Inclusive Design

By Hanieh Khosroshahi

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #3

About this session

Inclusive design is all the buzz. And while it’s made a lot of strides in recent years, it can still be a challenge to incorporate design research methods that are participatory and fun, but also accessible to diverse audiences.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or new to design research, this session will introduce you to participatory design activities, strategies, and mindsets that have led to the creation of inclusive user experiences.

What’s more, we will review case studies of projects that have utilized these methods, successfully ensuring target users are at the centre of the design process.

About Hanieh

Hanieh Khosroshahi

Hanieh Khosroshahi

Independent Design Consultant at

Hanieh (she/her) is an Iranian-Canadian social impact designer with nearly ten years in the digital space. She specializes in Human-Centred Design, product strategy, and user experience, and has worked across many industries including international development, public health, and community engagement, designing anything from chatbots and mobile apps to design systems and responsive websites. Hanieh is on a mission to build safe spaces that empower and elevate underrepresented voices.