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The Storytelling Bridge: Turn Confusion Into Clarity by Telling Tales

By Ben Sauer

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #1

About this session

You know this moment: you're explaining an important issue to the bosses. But you get lost in the details, you're talking too much... you get the feeling they're listening but not understanding. All you get back is blank stares!

Want to be understood by your colleagues? Let's build a bridge to understanding with stories. Less information, more inspiration. Come and learn how to turn your insights into narratives your stakeholders can understand quickly and easily. In this high-energy session, you'll get off your feet and start creating stories to explain yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • how to find your inner storyteller
  • how to find suitable metaphors, analogies, and historical examples
  • how to make thematic connections between facts and stories

About Ben

Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer

Design Strategist, Author at

Ben Sauer is a product and design leader, author, and speaker. He worked at Clearleft and Babylon Health, and advised organisations like the BBC, Pearson, Tesco, and TCS in how to raise their product game.

His most recent book is 'Death by Screens: how to present high-stakes digital design work and live to tell the tale', and he's trained designers around the world in methods from the book.

Teams at Amazon and the BBC have used his methods of conversation design, and through O'Reilly, he's trained folks at NASA.