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How to Find the Right UX Testing Method

By Minerva Loos and Franziska Laar

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #6

About this session

A Miro toolkit that helps you find your way in the sea of testing possibilities

Testing your products throughout the design process is essential for ensuring that they meet your users‘ needs. However, choosing the right testing method can be like navigating churned waters: with many possibilities available and ever changing conditions, selecting the best path can be overwhelming and difficult to do. Additionally, you might be confronted with arguments such as that testing and the setup costs too much time.

Our UX testing toolkit simplifies the initial step of choosing the right testing method by providing an easy-to-use tool that can be accessed in Miro. You can use this tool for your own decision-making or communication with your clients, speeding up your process and giving you the arguments you need. In our breakout session, we'll have a detailed look at the tool to understand how the different stages of a project influence the selection of a method, learn how to choose between qualitative or quantitative approaches, and get an overview of testing methods.

We recognize that the UX research landscape is continuously changing, so we don't claim that our tool is complete. We see it as a draft for a map to navigate the UX testing world and we want your experience to help us elaborate on it. During the session, we'll exchange experiences and discuss the challenges we’ve all faced in UX testing and how our teams dealt with them. We also welcome any best practices or watch-outs that you'd like to share. This session is aimed at both people with experience in UX research and those who are new to the topic.

So whether you may be asking yourself, "Should I use a more quantitative approach or interview a few selected users?", or you’re unsure about how to guide your client and team in the decision-making process to find the right testing method in your project, this session is the right place for you. We are looking forward to sailing the UX testing waters with you!

About Minerva

Minerva Loos

Minerva Loos

UX Researcher and Designer at HYVE

Minerva is a passionate UX researcher and designer focusing on envisioning and developing meaningful experiences. Over the past five years, she has been supporting clients at HYVE across various industries to drive innovations by bringing in the user-centric perspective. In her extensive international research experience, she has been exploring a diverse range of user testing methods and settings.

Minerva has a background in Architecture and Industrial Design and her journey has led her to Germany, Argentina, Portugal and the Netherlands. She brings these experiences into the creative and interdisciplinary exchange, facilitating workshop formats in the areas of co-creational ideation, foresight and speculative design. When she is not thinking about these topics, you will probably find her scribbling something.

About Franziska

Franziska Laar

Franziska Laar

UX/UI Designer at HYVE