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How to Co-Create a Visual Product Vision in 60min

By Jan Schneider and Benedikt Bandtlow

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #4

About this session

Elevate your team’s user-centered approach to product vision in a co-creative ‘Design Studio Workshop.’ In just 60 minutes, this interactive, collaborative session empowers agile teams to co-create a shared base of a product or service vision. Through hands-on ideation, sketching, and prototyping, participants ensure inclusivity, rapid iteration, and clear requirements. Developers, designers, stakeholders, users – all voices matter and contribute. Reduce bias on the go, and save time in the fast-paced development landscape by sharing knowledge and experience while creating tangible outcome. Join our session to experience the power of co-creation in a team where the outcome is not only a tangible wip product vision, helping to plan and prioritize next steps, but also empowers everyone individually in your team to learn more about the user needs, stakeholder requirements, or general knowledge and experience.

About Jan

Jan Schneider

Jan Schneider

Designer, Agile Collaboration Consultant and Climate Action Officer at Futurice

Jan is co-creating at the intersection of Design, Technology, Business, and Earth. Being a designer in multidisciplinary teams, his focus is the most valuable outcome of the project – by combining user needs, technical dependencies and business goals with agile ways of working. His strengths are workshops, in which he empowers the participants to discover solutions on their own.

About Benedikt

Benedikt Bandtlow

Benedikt Bandtlow

Service & UX Designer at Futurice

Benedikt is a Service & UX Designer at Futurice. He is a digital design professional with a diverse background in innovation consulting, advising startups and the nonprofit sector around circular society. He focuses on translating the needs of customers into real value propositions and tangible service experiences. He drives and facilitates early service and product explorations.