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Empathic Computing: Let’s Play With Emotions

By Anjelika Votintseva and Ivanna Godoy

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #3

About this session

In this session, we’ll explore emotion recognition and calculation (from visual, audio, and verbal inputs) for conversational UI to enhance user experiences and personalize interactions.

Experience real-life use cases of emotion recognition in conversational UI, focusing on a negotiation simulator. Learn how understanding emotions can lead to better outcomes and authentic human-computer interactions.
Engage in an interactive discussion on leveraging emotions in the digital world, particularly for conversational UI. Explore their application in different domains.

Collaboratively brainstorm and develop concepts that incorporate emotion recognition in conversational UI beyond traditional use cases. Get inspired and ready to create emotionally intelligent user interfaces.

About Anjelika

Anjelika Votintseva

Anjelika Votintseva

Senior Scientific Researcher at Siemens

Dr. Anjelika Votintseva has been working at Siemens Technology in Munich for 18 years. For the past 4 years, she has been employed in the UX department as a Senior Scientific Researcher, specializing in prototyping methods. Her current main interest areas are research and project management in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (with a focus on Generative AI), Conversational UI, and creative methods. She is the author of numerous publications and inventions and gives talks at various international and local conferences and workshops.

About Ivanna

Ivanna Godoy

Ivanna Godoy

Working Student at Siemens

Ivanna has a background in management and design, with five years of experience working in corporate innovation back in Chile, where she worked on developing human-centered solutions and managed innovation portfolios. She's currently expanding her expertise with a second master’s degree in management and technology at TUM, where she specializes in computer engineering and innovation. In her free time, she enjoys taking advantage of the outdoors surrounding her - running, hiking, or practicing yoga - to combine physical activity with her love for nature. Ivanna is passionate about technology and working with people to design and develop solutions that make an impact. She believes in the power of collaboration and enjoys working with teams from diverse backgrounds. Currently, she is a working student at Siemens, where she is developing her skills in empathic computing, UX, and UI.