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Design Playground – How Improvisation Techniques Can Embrace Failure and Ignite Creativity

By Judit Kertész and Sára Boncsér

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #1

About this session

Join us for an exciting and dynamic workshop that will immerse you in the world of improv techniques. Discover how these techniques can help you to embrace failure, sharpen your listening abilities, and ignite your creative thinking and collaborative spirit.
During the workshop, we'll introduce you to a range of engaging activities that can be seamlessly integrated into your design practice. Whether you're facilitating workshops within your team or working with clients, these activities will be immediately applicable.

You don’t need to be an actor, an extrovert or a trained comedian….this workshop is designed for anyone who is open to new experiences and eager to unlock their potential. Just come as you are and get ready to have a blast!

Key Take-Aways

Improv techniques help to:

  • break barriers and activate your creative flow
  • boost collaboration and build better on each other’s ideas
  • connect rapidly with others
  • be comfortable with failures
  • cope with uncertainty
  • release and reimagine

About Judit

Judit Kertész

Judit Kertész

Service Designer and CX Expert at Frontira

Judit is a service design professional and customer experience enthusiast with a management consultancy background. She works mostly with large service companies - like Mastercard, Vodafone, UNIQA and many more. Her aim is to facilitate a deeper understanding of their customers and assist in the design of services that precisely meet their needs.

Over the past few years, she has embraced the infusion of improvisation techniques into her workshops and service design practice.

About Sára

Sára Boncsér

Sára Boncsér

Improvisational Actor at

Sára is an improvisational actor and communication trainer, student of psychology. She works with companies as a freelance trainer and supports the integration of people with disabilities at an NGO.