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Design AI is a Myth: The Danger of Paper Tigers

By Jason Barrons

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Deep Dive Talk


Fri, 20 Oct 2023


Main stage

About this session

Ever since "Art AI" hit the public sphere, designers have felt a target on their backs. Some feel the industry will change forever or designers will lose their jobs. Others feel designers should be integrating "AI" into their workflows today to remain relevant.

But what if these technologies aren't "AI" at all? What if the danger isn't its ability to replace us as workers, but it's ability to pollute our work with misinformation? In this talk, we'll break down how these technologies work, why they aren't a step towards "Sentient" AI, and how we as designers can safeguard our work against one of the most reckless marketing strategies we've ever faced.

About Jason

Jason Barrons

Jason Barrons

Design Practice Lead at VMWare

Jason has been in design for 15 years and in tech for over 20, and he's as passionate about it today as he was when he started. He believes designers spend too much time advocating for design as a serious practice, rather than focusing more on the value that their craft brings.

Part of Jasons job at VMWare is showing designers just how valuable they can be to their product teams, and seeing designers go from being defensive about their work to being proud, competent, and authoritative makes him get up in the morning.