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Bringing Designers and Developers of Embedded UIs Together via a Parallel Development Workflow

By Maximiliano Zapata

Session type

Partner Talk


Fri, 20 Oct 2023


Partner Stage (Breakout Room #8)

About this session

In traditional approaches, designers and developers often work independently, leading to potential miscommunications, delays, and suboptimal user experiences. By bringing UI/UX designers and software developers together in a cohesive development process, this parallel approach aims to enhance efficiency, reduce development time, and ultimately helps embedded products deliver superior UI experiences.

About Maximiliano

Maximiliano Zapata

Maximiliano Zapata

Field Applications Engineer at Crank AMETEK

Max is a Field Applications Engineer at Crank AMETEK, where he takes immense pride in working with customers through the process of developing intuitive UI/UX solutions that elevate their products to new heights. In his spare time, you can find him on the football pitch, relishing the thrill of competitive matches and fostering camaraderie with his teammates.