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All the Feels: A Discussion About Job Love

By Hertje Brodersen

Session type

Breakout Session


Fri, 20 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #9

About this session

Do you have complicated feelings about work? Have you become disenchanted with contemporary workplaces? Do you wonder if the career you chose delivers on the purpose you were looking for? You are not alone. In recent years, people have become more outspoken about the ways that work is not working for them and things are starting to change.

This session is an opportunity for us to have a frank discussion about our own gripes and grievances with the the role work plays in our lives. We’ll connect some observations from my talk about ‘Job Love’ with our own experience: Did some of the observations ring true to you? How did they play out in your own life? We’ll end by collecting prompts to help us reflect on and recalibrate the influence that work wields over the rest of our waking hours.

What To Expect

The opportunity to have an open discussion around job love and engagement, as well as finding purpose at work and in life.

Who Is This Session For?

Anyone is welcome to contribute, whether they just started a job or have loads of experience. No design experience needed, but it helps if you listened to my talk!

About Hertje

Hertje Brodersen

Hertje Brodersen

Head of Design at

As a UX Designer, Experience Strategist and Design Lead with 15+ years of experience, Hertje worked for a variety of companies and industries, from small design studios to large organisations, from automotive to fashion. She focuses on planning and creating experiences with a lasting impact, both for the people she designs for, and the folks she works with.

Hertje background is in literary sciences and cultural anthropology. Not the typical start for a career in UX, but it helped shape a creative and analytical mind that likes complex problems that can’t be shoe-horned in a simple sitemap or a user journey.