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A practical guide to building accessible web forms

By Kateryna Porshnieva

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Session type

Focus Talk


Fri, 20 Oct 2023


Main stage

About this session

Web forms are crucial for user interactions on the web, and to ensure our products provide an inclusive experience for all, we need to build them with accessibility in mind. In this talk, we'll dive into best practices and practical tips for crafting web forms that are accessible and won't leave anyone behind.

We'll start by focusing on how assistive technology works on the web. We'll then discuss common patterns in forms and how to implement them accessibly, including strategies for managing focus states, labelling, displaying errors and validation and more. All supported by practical examples.

About Kateryna

Kateryna Porshnieva

Kateryna Porshnieva

Engineering Manager at Buffer

Kateryna is an engineer from Ukraine with 10+ years of experience in UI development and design. She is passionate about accessible web, design systems and making complex things simple.

Apart from work, she is active in tech community, organises board game nights and is known as a coffee snob.