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Breakout Session


Thu, 03 Nov 2022


Breakout room 1

About this session

SUX - The Sustainable UX Playbook is a global non-profit initiative and community to drive Sustainable UX and Sustainability through and within UX. SUX thereby is tackling all aspects of Sustainability based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Part of SUX is a workshop kit that various groups from all over the world use to develop ideas to drive and tackle sustainability in UX and to build ideas that resulted and result in the Sustainable UX Playbook.

For the break out session here at the Push conference we create a small condensed version of the complete workshop kit, to give you the opportunity to tackle and discuss Sustainability and UX in a practical way. No matter if you are totally new to the topic or already worked on it or already used certain methods. Everybody is more than welcome to this guided and hands-on session about practicing Sustainable UX.

About Thorsten

Thorsten Jonas

Thorsten Jonas

Founder at SUX - The Sustainable UX Playbook

Thorsten is a UX Evangelist and Digital Generalist based out of Hamburg, Germany. For more than 15 years he works in the field of UX, Service Design and Strategy Consulting, supporting clients to create meaningful products or build up, lead and coach UX and Product Teams following the idea of empathic leadership.

In 2020 he quit his job as Director UX of an international Digital Agency to focus on some of the major issues we face as human beings and society. Since then he works as a Strategic UX Consultant, especially facilitating Sustainability and Sustainable UX.

At the beginning of 2021 Thorsten started the initiative „SUX – the Sustainable UX Playbook“ with an international group of designers, to push Sustainable UX further for and with the digital creative community.

About Christoph

Christoph Stark

Christoph Stark

Creative Director UX/UI at Telefonica

Christoph is a creative leader and problem solver.

His goal is to craft great user experience for digital products and services with a human centered approach and a sustainable mindset.

Creative leadership means to serve my team and humanity. Inspiring, empowering, and sharing of knowledge on all levels are important to Christoph. While always striving for the best solution from a business standpoint he longs for creating sustainable and non-intrusive solutions.

Christoph is in love with innovation, design thinking, cross-functional team work, agile mindsets, challenges, and big smiles.

Over the past 14 years, he worked for individuals, start-ups, agencies, small and big & companies employed and as a freelancer. His mission has been to built products that solve real problems through human-centered design while exploring, having fun, learning, and challenging himself and his team.

Currently, Christoph works as a Creative Director UX/UI at Telefonica in the UX, Strategy and Portals department, leading a team of outstanding creative talent.