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Serious Play – The Case Against Boring Apps

By Andy Allen

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Deep Dive Talk


Thu, 03 Nov 2022


Main Stage

About this session

Product design has become stagnant—driven by infinite scale, overly-occupied with processes, and homogenized through adherence to standards.

At the same time, video games are taking over the world and it's time we in Design take them seriously. Much more than gamification, video games are an under-explored frontier for product designers to build richer, more motivating, and more fulfilling products.

About Andy

Andy Allen

Andy Allen

Founder at (Not Boring) Software Inc.

Alaskan-born, Founder of (Not Boring) Software Inc., building (not boring) Apps that reboot your daily routine with more joy and meaning (Apple Design Winner 2022).

Former Co-Founder of FiftyThree and designer of the popular drawing app, Paper (Apple Design Award, 30+ million downloads), later acquired by WeTransfer where he led as the Head of Product & Design (US).

Founder of Short of the Week, the premiere platform for short film.

Andy also teaches foundational Product Design at the University of Washington, builds furniture, and makes toys for his kids.