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Research Ops: How can a central place for UX Research help your research workflow?

By Sina Schreiber and Mati Rivieccio

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 03 Nov 2022


Breakout room 2

About this session

With a growing focus on user research, the question of sharing and storing user research in an organization becomes more central. This process can come with many challenges, and often introducing a central place for UX Research is a practical next step.

In this session you will take a closer look at the current challenges around UX Research and discuss how a research repository could streamline your research workflow and setting. You will explore the different kinds of value a central place for UX Research can bring to your team, and get started shaping a solution that serves your unique setting.

Join us for an exchange with other UX Researchers or Practitioners in the field about the experiences, learnings, and first steps around introducing a central place for UX Research.

About Sina

Sina Schreiber

Sina Schreiber

UX Researcher and Content Strategist at Condens

Sina is a UX Researcher and Content Strategist at Condens with a background in social media strategy, digital transformation, and graphic design. Condens is a Munich based software company for storing, analyzing and sharing UX Research.

Sina also organises and hosts the UX Research Munich Meetup events.

Outside of work, Sina enjoys yoga, hiking & kickboxing, cooking vegetarian versions of her childhood favourites and travelling around the world.

About Mati

Mati Rivieccio

Mati Rivieccio

Customer Success Specialist at Condens

Mati is the Customer Success Specialist at Condens, a UX Research analysis and repository tool. She believes in the power of human kindness and gentleness as a driving force behind any action and enjoys trying to help her clients achieve their goals.

In her spare time, Mati enjoys climbing, hiking, reading, and traveling.