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People Management: From Good to Great

By Paola Mariselli

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Focus Talk


Fri, 04 Nov 2022


Main Stage

About this session

Anyone can tell the difference between a good and a bad manager. Much more subtle, however, is differentiating between good and great management. Want to know how to become or work with a great manager?

Paola Mariselli is a design leader, leadership coach and startup advisor. She's learned through personal experience how great management can impact one's career, from both the receiving and giving end.

In this talk, Paola will share 10 ways to identify great from good management, and, in the process, share tips on how to make that jump yourself.

About Paola

Paola Mariselli

Paola Mariselli

Director & Head of Product Design at Bumble

Paola is a design leader, startup advisor, leadership and career coach, and public speaker.

Currently Paola heads Product Design at Bumble. Prior she led design at Meta for 7 years, where she launched new experiences to 3+ billion people, built and scaled design teams from the ground up, and drove and pivoted complex product strategies. She launched standalone apps, such as Whale and CatchUp, released products such as Songs on Profile and Facebook Live, and co-founded initiatives such as Women of Facebook Design and The Imposter Design Quarterly.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Paola has also lived in Florida, New York, Massachusetts, California, and, most recently, London.