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Get your hands dirty and collect insightful research at the same time!

By Laura Fiona Holder

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Focus Talk


Thu, 03 Nov 2022


Main Stage

About this session

This talk is about an industry that everyone knows, but only from driving by: the construction industry. After so many years of digital products, here's a look past screen designs and a "behind the scenes" look at a project where the operator is the center of attention.

According to Statista (published in January 2022), 3 million professionals work in metal construction, mechatronics, energy and electrical professions, structural and underground engineering in Germany. These work for the most part without digital products. Let's raise awareness of this! UX can play an even greater role here, as there are also safety concerns that need to be considered and, in addition, why shouldn't they also benefit from a more pleasant work environment through good user experience?

Join this talk to

  • get a practical example from everyday work
  • know why it makes sense to look over the users' shoulder
  • get real examples that you can bring up as arguments
  • be able to prepare a multi-day onsite research after the talk (process steps)
  • think about user experience behind the screen
  • get to know a new and unfamiliar user group

About Laura Fiona

Laura Fiona Holder

Laura Fiona Holder

Senior UX Consultant at interfacewerk

Laura is a Senior UX Consultant at UX & Software development agency interfacewerk in Munich. She loves to work with people, share knowledge and grow beyond. Laura's goal is to inspire other people with her passion by putting herself in other people's shoes and by escaping from the "old" and finding creative solutions together with them.