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From Content Designer to Design Leader

By Gemma Germains

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Focus Talk


Fri, 04 Nov 2022


Main stage

About this session

What happens to a product team when it's lead by a content content designer? What happens to a design culture if the person in charge can't use illustrator?

For 3 years, Gemma has been tasked with build and nurture a product design culture at Canyon Bicycles, the world's biggest d-2-c bike brand.

This talk is a look back at an evolving career that started in pop videos and wound up somewhere in Figma. It's a call to action for researchers, writers and strategists to take the lead in design teams and build a culture that's collaborative, accessible and fully integrated.

About Gemma

Gemma Germains

Gemma Germains

Global Head of Digital Experience Design at Canyon Bikes

As Global Head of Digital Experience Design at Canyon Bicycles, Gemma has built a team of UX, UI Content Designers, Service Designers and Visual Designers for the world's largest d-2-c cycling brand.

Building teams is hard and few design leaders get the opportunity to start from scratch, fewer still would ever want to. But after 20 years working in design and product, from music and fashion to sports and finance, Gemma got plenty to share about the shift from brand experience to user experience and the impact of content and copy on research, design and delivery.