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Session type

Breakout Session


Fri, 04 Nov 2022


Breakout room 1

About this session

At school we learn to read and write - yet practicing and attuning to how we listen is rarely practiced. Listening is fundamental to UX. We talk big game about empathy and understanding users needs so let's take time to intentionally practice our skills as listeners.

You will practice

  • Being grounded and present during conversations
  • How to listen when lots of thoughts are floating around in your head
  • How to listen not to understand not to respond
  • Ways to facilitate an open, focused and creative listening style amongst teams
  • Ways to create a conversation environment hears all voices
  • Clarity and consciousness in listening and responding

If you do any type of research or are just a human out in the world - let's do everyone a favour by taking the time to reflect and improve how we listen.

About Catherine

Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins

Founder at Ideas With Moxie

Catherine Collins started Ideas with Moxie to further ideas that matter to communities and non-profits using service design and action research methods. Catherine works with teams to understand what matters to their participants through research, co-design and facilitation.

Previous collaborations range from understanding the experience employees at U.S. Bank Stadium have with homelessness to re-imaging benefits with early childhood educators in Vermont, to improving job placement programs with recently arrived migrants in Sweden.

In learning settings, Catherine likes to connect through workshops over lecture and tries to make all learning experiences engaged and embodied. She has collaborated with teams at enterprises like Cardinal Health and PwC to develop a common language and understanding of Service Design through training and coaching. In other cases, She has facilitated courses and co-created playbooks with teams who have an understanding of design methods but lack a common language and approach.

Catherine also teaches at the Royal College of Art in London. Prior to Moxie, Catherine co-led and scaled an award-winning design thinking & entrepreneurship program for Middlebury College and worked on the startup and investment side of entrepreneurship.

About Alex

Alex Rust

Alex Rust

Facilitator and Actor at Ideas With Moxie

Alex is a practitioner of communication and the mind-body connection. With her experience as an actress in combination with her work as a Yoga practitioner, she brings several approaches to team connection, movement & theater workshops.
Alex is passionate about discovering the dynamics in each situation, that connect individuals/teams/groups.