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Design connected things & services with the IoT Design Deck

By Katarzyna Leszczynska, Massimiliano Dibitonto and Federica Tazzi

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 03 Nov 2022


Breakout room 3

About this session

The IoT Deck is a method for the co-design of IoT-enabled omnichannel, products and services. It helps multidisciplinary teams to focus on human-centered aspects rather than technical details, to craft awesome and effective user experiences exploiting the potential of IoT technologies.

During the session, we will introduce the IoT Design Deck Method and how it helps in the design of a connected human-centered experience. The session will be hands-on and you’ll be engaged in the design of an omnichannel service, focusing on designing touchpoints that will bring the digital experience into the physical world.

About Katarzyna

Katarzyna Leszczynska

Katarzyna Leszczynska

Senior UX Designer at Digitouch

Katarzyna is the UX Team Supervisor at Digitouch, a cloud marketing company operating in the digital transformation market. Her main field of interest concerns the application of UX principles and methodologies to offer users the best experience with a product or service.

In the past, Katarzyna has collaborated as a research fellow with CATTID and LUA Laboratory at the La Sapienza University of Rome and Dasic Research Centre at Link Campus University and has several teaching experiences such as at Quasar Institute for Advanced Design of Rome.

About Massimiliano

Massimiliano Dibitonto

Massimiliano Dibitonto

UX manager at Olivetti

Massimiliano Dibitonto currently heads the UX team of Olivetti, a famous Italian company, working on the design of physical and digital products.

He is passionate about Human-Centered Design, Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication. As a researcher (INF / 01) at Link Campus University in Rome, he took part in several national and European projects, addressing issues such as digital transformation and creative entrepreneurship, using design thinking to drive innovation in complex contexts.

About Federica

Federica Tazzi

Federica Tazzi

Service Designer at Assist Digital

Federica Tazzi is passionate about complexity and co-design methodologies. She supports organisations in designing new services and improving the customer experience in complex domains.

Federica started her career as a research assistant in Link Campus University, where she developed her interest in IoT and service design and took part in several Italian and European projects, such as multimodal mobility and professional training.