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Dark Mode is Wrong: How to Bust UX Trends

By Jason Barrons

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Deep Dive Talk


Fri, 04 Nov 2022


Main stage

About this session

As digital designers we don’t dig into academic research as much as we should, and that lack of learning is starting to cause harm in the experiences we design.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to question design norms & then separate the insights from the myths that build up around them. To do this, we’ll use one of the biggest myths in UX that nobody is really talking about: Dark Mode, and its supposed benefits.

This talk will arm you with the craft knowledge and critical mindset that helps you make informed decisions no matter what trend you're facing.

About Jason

Jason Barrons

Jason Barrons

Design Practice Lead at VMWare

Jason has been in design for 15 years and in tech for over 20, and he's as passionate about it today as he was when he started. He believes designers spend too much time advocating for design as a serious practice, rather than focusing more on the value that their craft brings.

Part of Jasons job at VMWare is showing designers just how valuable they can be to their product teams, and seeing designers go from being defensive about their work to being proud, competent, and authoritative makes him get up in the morning.