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Unlock the Power of (Online) Collaboration

By Piera Mattioli

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Breakout Session


Thu, 21 Oct 2021

About this session

How to design and lead engaging workshops to enable collaboration, activate participants and move change one step further?
 In this conversation, Piera will talk about the different purposes of creating a workshop, what the journey is like when structuring and designing a collaborative session, the power of visualization to make it fun and engaging and how micro interactions are crucial to keep attendees engaged and ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to have a voice.

The session will be led in Miro. Interactive exercises will enable the participants to share their experiences and learn from each other. It will close with a toolkit of resources and examples enriched by the collective knowledge.

About Piera

Piera Mattioli

Piera Mattioli

Service designer, Social Innovator and Visual Thinker at

Piera Mattioli is a (digital) Nomad Service Designer with 6+ years of experience as a Corporate Changemaker in different countries – Italy, South Africa, Argentina, the Netherlands – fighting to design new ecosystems and leading processes of transformation.
 Her purpose is to imagine and facilitate the co-creation of new worlds and empower and activate employees and citizens to take a step, with curiosity and creativity, into new ways of living and working. 
While (remotely) pioneering inclusive businesses and facilitating the co-creation of innovative and socially impactful service experiences, she travels around to empower and activate local communities through visualization and art.