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Public vs. Private Digital Transformations: What I’ve Learned So Far

By Claudia Pollina

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Focus Talk


Fri, 22 Oct 2021

About this session

During the last years, the need for change (IT infrastructure, organizations), to move faster (building more competitive products and services) and new paradigms of users needs, have made digital transformation projects ubiquitous.

As a Service Designer Claudia had the chance to experience the last 5 years in digital transformation projects, both in private and now in the public sector, and she has collected some learnings.

About Claudia

Claudia Pollina

Claudia Pollina

Service Designer at

Claudia is a Service Designer with 8+ years of experience, currently working at the Department for the Digital Transformation, the Italian government team that aims to improve digital services within the Public Administration. Intellectually curious, she is inspired by people, data and research. Previously, Claudia led design decisions in the Digital Transformation of Vodafone Italy. She co-built the Service Design community in Milan, is a proud mom of two and a zero-waste practitioner.