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Making the User Part of the Team

By Nelli Hergenröther

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Lightning Talk


Fri, 22 Oct 2021

About this session

How do you transfer a process, that has been done with paper, fax machines and photocopiers for years to a mobile app? This is the question Nelli Hergenröther's team had to answer last year when they started a project for one of Berlin's leading senior care providers, who have their own (mental) health assessment and coaching process.

The goal was to bring the process online, streamlining it and thus providing guidance, while keeping the flexibility and individual approach a paper-based process provides. A special challenge was to make the UX inclusive - the health care coaches range from digital natives to people who have never really used smartphones or tablets aside from WhatsApp.

Join Nelli to learn how teaming up with users helps create an inclusive digital product.

About Nelli

Nelli Hergenröther

Nelli Hergenröther

Managing Director at Evenly

Nelli Hergenröther is a managing partner at software consultancy Evenly in Berlin-Kreuzberg focused on mobile, TV, voice and wearables. She has a background in digital communication and product and project management. She has been interested in accessibility and inclusion from a young age and is now bringing this passion to the digital products she creates with her team.