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Good Design is Good Business

By Alen Faljic

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Focus Talk


Thu, 21 Oct 2021

About this session

Thomas J. Watson Jr, the president of IBM from 1951 to 1972, famously said: “good design is good business”. But what does that even mean? What is good design? What is good business? And what is the relationship between the two?

About Alen

Alen Faljic

Alen Faljic

Founder at d.MBA

Alen Faljic is the founder and CEO of d.MBA, an online business program for design leaders. Alen is ex-IDEO business designer, one of the most prominent business designers internationally, and host of the d.MBA podcast.

  • Worked at IDEO as a business designer, consulted Fortune 500 companies (designing business models, strategy, pricing, etc.)
  • Started the d.MBA as a response to the huge gap between worlds of business and design (speaking different languages, etc.)
  • Founder and CEO of the d.MBA to help designers gain business confidence; over 300 alumni students over 50+ countries; 97% completion rate