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Getting Started With Clinical UX

By Dr. Gyles Morrison

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Focus Talk


Fri, 22 Oct 2021

About this session

Virtually all UX professionals want to put their skills and knowledge to good use and make a difference in the world. There is probably no better way to do this than to work in healthcare. Yet working in healthcare is daunting with all its complicated processes, laws, regulations and jargon filled medical language. This is even more true when working on products and services for clinicians and patients. During his talk, Dr Gyles Morrison, pioneer of Clinical UX, will share his journey from doctor to designer. He will also offer advice on how to anyone, clinicians and UX professionals alike, can get started in Clinical UX.

About Dr. Gyles

Dr. Gyles Morrison

Dr. Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Strategist at

Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS MSc is a Clinical UX Strategist with a 10 year history in healthcare. Starting as a doctor in the UK, he now works internationally, helping UX professionals and healthcare companies make products and services that are valued by clinicians and patients. He specialises in using healthcare behavioral science and digital therapeutics to improve healthcare outcomes. An international speaker, UX mentor and career coach, he is also the founder of the Clinical UX Association, the leading authority on Clinical UX.