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Designing for Introversion

By Stefanie Schidlof

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Lightning Talk


Fri, 22 Oct 2021

About this session

We collaborate, we warm-up, we brainstorm, we design interactions and measure user engagement and activity rates. But what if our users are introverts? What if our clients are introverts? And what if the researcher in your project is the introvert?

In this session I’ll highlight some angles of introversion that surround us all day, potentially unnoticed. Rather than answers, you can expect questions that aim to help us think differently on this topic and reflect how we are working with and designing for people who sometimes just need a little bit of silence.

About Stefanie

Stefanie Schidlof

Stefanie Schidlof

Researcher at Epidemic Sound

Stefanie is a user researcher – and an introvert.

She worked on weird projects. Some involved exploring the odour issues in sewage systems. Others were more harmless, like skin care and baby products. The first user she interviewed in her career was a German soldier. She also interviewed casino managers.

Today, she researchers and interviews a lot of YouTubers and people on Twitch – or basically anyone who uses music in their content creation.