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Daily Ethical Design

By Nata Kostenko

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Focus Talk


Thu, 21 Oct 2021

About this session

“Ethics? We don't have time for it. We need to build features and earn money.” If you ever felt uneasy about decisions made in your company, this talk is for you.

No need to save the planet overnight: start small and keep moving. In this talk, Nata will suggest practical ways to embed ethics into your everyday design process.

You’ll explore how to think and talk about ethics at your workplace, what tools to start with, and where to look for more materials on tangible ethical applications.

About Nata

Nata Kostenko

Nata Kostenko

Service Designer at Scania

Nata Kostenko is a Service Designer & Design Researcher at the Scania Innovation Office in Sweden. She works on developing new disruptive opportunities beyond the company's trucks and buses core business. Every day she balances her belief in the power of design to make a difference with the impulse to hide under the covers from the world's problems.