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AMA: How To Drive Your Business & Tech Stakeholders Crazy

By Iana Kouris

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Breakout Session


Thu, 21 Oct 2021

About this session

For us designers it’s obvious: “Good design is good business”. But how might we explain and prove it to our business & tech stakeholders? What are the challenges we as designers are facing when describing our approach? How can we make the value of our work obvious to our stakeholders? In this “Ask Me Anything” session, we will share our challenges and ideas around what works and what doesn’t.

Looking forward to meeting you there! And curious to see, where our conversation will take us – after all, this is an ask-me-anything session!

About Iana

Iana Kouris

Iana Kouris

Associate Director Design & Engineering at BCG Platinion

Dr. Iana Kouris is an Associate Director at BCG Platinion in Munich, heading the Design & Engineering Team CEMA. In her current role, Iana helps to unlock digital value, leading projects across industries ranging from ideation to implementation, delivering MVPs, prototypes and proof of concepts for digital experiences, driving client enablement and change management for Digital, Agile and Human-Centered Transformations.

Iana joined BCG Platinion from Nokia & Nokia Bell Labs, where she was leading Transformation by Design and before that was driving Business Operations & Executive Customer Engagement. Prior to that, Iana spent 7 years in management consulting at McKinsey & Company Inc. Iana holds a Dr. degree from RWTH Aachen University, and further degrees and qualifications in Mathematics, Philosophy, Economics, Fine Arts and Music.