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The 7 Habits of Highly Depressive Designers (Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind)

By Clive K. Lavery

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Focus Talk


Thu, 21 Oct 2021

About this session

While mental health awareness seems to be on the rise in recent times, the design & tech industry are still hotbeds of burnout, depression and related disorders. And is this any wonder in a culture that constantly celebrates breaking things, hustling harder or growing for growth’s sake?

Reflecting on his own recent recovery from a severe depression and talking to numerous industry figures about their personal struggles, Clive has come to the conclusion that as designers we might even have a certain disposition for falling into dark places.

Now is the time to start applying some of the empathy we preach towards our users to ourselves and remove the stigma and shame attached to mental health issues once and for all. Ultimately what could me more human centered?

As it is impossible to recommend a one size fits all solution for such a highly individual and multi-faceted topic, Clive will take a different expedient approach and provide you with some proven tips & tricks to ruin your mental health and enter the depressed designers hall of fame.

Disclaimer: The speaker is not a medical professional and if you feel that you are facing acute mental health issues or are uncomfortable discussing this topic, the talk is not recommended for you. Please speak to someone you trust and seek professional help.

About Clive K.

Clive K. Lavery

Clive K. Lavery

Experience Design Lead at Moccu

Clive is a vintage UX person, inspiring public speaker and aspiring mental health advocate with 15+ years of experience in helping digital agencies, in-house teams and direct clients from Adobe to Zalando create good stuff.

He currently works as Experience Design Lead for the proudly independent agency Moccu in Berlin.

As an active member of the European UX scene he has recently launched the Friends of Figma community in Berlin, helped kickstart the Adobe XDI International Team, co-organized UXcamp Europe, revived the local UX Book Club and mentored students for Career Foundry.

A self-confessed Digital Do-Gooder, Clive has always been very keen to use his skills for more than making rich companies richer and his current focus is exploring both mental health as a certified Mental Health First Aider and parenthood as a clueless first-time dad through a design lens.