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Unwrap: Reconsidering transparency for smartphones through speculative design

By Mette Boldt

Session type

Lightning Talk


Fri, 25 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

Smartphones are heavily criticized for their effect on our social lives, but what if the bad reputation simply derives from a lack of transparency - from the frustration of not being able to tell what others are up to?

In this talk, Mette will present her design “Unwrap”; an extra display for the smartphone facing the surroundings which shows the app currently in use. Hereby, Unwrap challenges the established opaque, private character of the smartphone. When introduced to the everyday life, the object led to interesting discussions about how bringing transparency back to media use could affect the way we use technology and interact with each other.

About Mette

Mette Boldt

Mette Boldt

Digital Experience Designer at Capgemini

Mette Boldt designed Unwrap as a part of her master studies in Digital Media at University of the Arts Bremen, and she is nominated for the German Design Award 2020 - Newcomer. Currently, she works as a digital experience designer at Capgemini in Berlin, where she focuses on UX and UI design for different platforms and industries.

In the summer semester 2019, she additionally taught a design course at University of the Arts Bremen focusing on public transport as a social space.