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Deep Dive Talk


Fri, 25 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

Would you buy a phone that costs the majority of your annual salary? For most people in the world, that's the question they face if they want to buy an iPhone.

Most of global digital design focuses on platforms and products for the world's richest people. But what does design look like for those who have significantly less?

In Mala's talk, she'll explore examples of using UX research, UX design and common tech methodologies at the United Nations, international NGOs and in her current role at GitHub to build solutions for the majority of the world, not just those in the top economic echelon.

About Mala

Mala Kumar

Mala Kumar

Program Manager, Open Source for Good at GitHub

Mala is a technology for social good practitioner who specializes in UX design.

For ten years, she had the immense privilege of wandering around the world with the United Nations and various international NGOs in the noble and sometimes ambiguous pursuit of using digital technologies to better international development solutions. In 2014, she published her debut novel The Paths of Marriage, which sold worldwide and taught her how exhilarating and exhausting book tours are.

In April 2019, Mala joined GitHub's Social Impact team as a Program Manager, where she is leading its Open Source for Good program. Prior to GitHub, Mala worked at UNICEF.