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Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Breakout room 7 - Kongressbar

About this session

Speculative Design is a methodology to reframe how we understand today’s reality by envisioning (im)possible scenarios. Speculation is playful by nature, and games are a prime example of tools empowering people to safely explore a multitude of “what if” hypotheses.

But when it comes to being generative for designers, not all games are created equal! In this hands-on session, an all-star team from Milan Speculative Futures, Dotventi, and Play & Civic Media research group will demonstrate Quantum Alpaca, a tool for reframing and reflection that merges structuralist semantics with boardgame rules. Quantum Alpaca prompts diverging, out-of-the-box thinking, and then enables players to reframe design problems from a fresh perspective. Quantum Alpaca can be an advanced icebreaker/energizer for design teams, as well as a reflection tool to “unblock” clients and stakeholders during co-design sessions. The rules of Quantum Alpaca are easy to replicate, and at the end of the session you will be able to bring them to your own design team.

Join, and you will get

  • a quick refresher on Speculative Design, its characteristics and uses, as well as a list of studios using it in practice;
  • hands-on demonstration of Quantum Alpaca, a “design game” for reframing, co-creation, defamiliarization and reflection;
  • unfortunately, you will not receive a real alpaca.

Requirements to participate

A playful attitude. It is not necessary to bring your own alpaca.

Experience level:

From design students to practitioners.

Our recommendation:

Please head to your breakout session room 10 minutes ahead of the start time to keep everything on schedule and make sure you get a seat, as space is limited in each room except the main stage. Thank you!

About Milan

Milan Speculative Futures

Milan Speculative Futures

Community at

Milan Speculative Futures is a local chapter of the Speculative Futures global community. It promotes speculation in design through workshops and talks on innovative praxis and methods.

About dot.

dot. venti

dot. venti

Design and research collective at

Dotventi is a game design and game research collective based in Italy. Dotventi designs urban games, serious/applied games, and playful experiences in general. The collective’s philosophy is that play is a way to enhance communication, creativity and empathy among individuals.

About Play & Civic Media

Play & Civic Media Digital Design M.Sc. Program

Play & Civic Media Digital Design M.Sc. Program

University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam at

The research group in Play & Civic Media and the M.Sc. in Digital Design are two structures of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, merging citizen-centered design with a focus on ethics and participation.