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Session type

Breakout Session


Fri, 25 Oct 2019


Breakout room 3 - side wing

About this session

At Goodpatch, we love prototyping. Our team builds tools for collaboration and rapid prototyping in-house and we use prototypes with our clients on a daily basis to quickly get feedback and conduct user tests.

Today we are asking ourselves: How can we go a step further and prototype for experiences, not just screens? Using the power of technology to prototype experiences is a topic that deeply interests us. This is why Athena, our in-house engineering studio, has built cARVR—a software that is used to create interactive XR solutions.

Join us for an interactive session on how Goodpatch prototypes with Athena cARVR. We’ll explore a specific use case together, leaving you inspired to explore XR technologies and prototype your own future.

You will learn:

  • How Goodpatch prototypes with Athena cARVR through a hands-on demonstration
  • How to import 2D prototypes into XR
  • How to evaluate the prototypes in a meaningful way to save development time

Experience level:

All levels are welcome, there’s no experience needed.

About Athena:

Athena is a virtual reality tool for designing, testing and showcasing experiences and prototypes around the connected car. With Athena, we can support clients with ideation workshops, UX / UI design and user research & testing. Additionally, Athena can provide personalised VR simulations for a variety of cases in and around the future of autonomous driving.

Our recommendation:

Please head to your breakout session room 10 minutes ahead of the start time to keep everything on schedule and make sure you get a seat, as space is limited in each room except the main stage. Thank you!

About Teodora

Teodora Blindu

Teodora Blindu

Studio Lead at Goodpatch

Teodora wears a double hat of UX Designer and leading the team of Goodpatch Paris. Her strength lies in crafting innovative user-centric solutions throughout the entire range of the design process, from early UX production to final product launches. At the moment she is dedicating her attention to building the future of shared mobility and connected car experiences together with her team in Paris where she is currently based.

About Max

Max Well

Max Well

Lead Designer at Goodpatch

Max is a Lead Designer at the Goodpatch Munich studio. He enjoys giving workshops to big companies and startups, helping them in the different phases of digital product development. UI/UX design and especially prototyping is their daily business. He believes that in a rapidly changing environment, staying up to date is crucial for pushing the boundaries of tech and creating better and more meaningful products.

About Salma

Salma Ali

Salma Ali

Software Developer at Goodpatch

Salma is a Software Developer at the Goodpatch Berlin studio. She develops XR experiences on Unity as well as Android native apps for mobile. Salma is a strong believer is Design Driven Development and creating human-centred products that put the user’s experience first.