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Prototyping powered by machine learning

By Andreas Refsgaard

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Breakout room 3 - side wing

About this session

In this session, interaction designer and digital artist Andreas Refsgaard will show you how to make interactive websites that can be trained to react to inputs from your users using simple yet powerful machine learning techniques.

This workshop will give you an easy hands-on introduction to machine learning with a focus on creating your own creative interactive applications that are live on the web.

Join and you will learn how to:

  • Make interactive websites that can learn and react to user input from the webcam
  • Train supervised machine learning algorithms in minutes
  • Use the friendly ml5js library that builds on top of Tensorflow.js

Requirements to participate:

Bring your own computer with a functional webcam and the Google Chrome browser installed.

Experience level:

No prior coding or machine learning knowledge required.

Our recommendation:

Please head to your breakout session room 10 minutes ahead of the start time to keep everything on schedule and make sure you get a seat, as space is limited in each room except the main stage. Thank you!

About Andreas

Andreas Refsgaard

Andreas Refsgaard

Interaction Designer & Digital Artist at

Andreas Refsgaard is an artist and creative coder based in Copenhagen. He uses algorithms and machine learning to allows people to play music using only eye movement and facial gestures, control games by making silly sounds or transform drawings of musical instruments on paper into real compositions.