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Form of Innovation - the Product Field

By Michael Schieben

Session type

Deep Dive Talk


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

How the Product Field helps teams and organisations to develop a shared understanding for great UX processes.

The Product Field is a sense-making framework for product and service innovation. Its rigorous, consistent visual form helps teams to collaboratively think about their work and develop a shared understanding. In this talk, Michael Schieben, co-author of the Product Field will share his experience how to use the Product Field to support great UX design processes. He’ll visually map well known principles for design, innovation and product development, such as “form follows function”, “build for your own needs”, Design Thinking, Co-creation, Lean Startup onto the Product Field canvas. This deep dive demonstrates how this simple visual form gives clear guidance in complex environments where buzzwords fail.

Key takeaways:

  • What is the Product Field and when to use it
  • How the visual form helps to develop a shared holistic understanding of product and service innovation
  • How the Product Field helps to maintain healthy client relations as freelance designer, design studio or agency
  • How to facilitate your first Product Field session with your team

About Michael

Michael Schieben

Michael Schieben

Product Innovator at Product Field

Michael's craft is programming, his mindset is Design. He helps others create and collaborate on sustainable product and service innovation. He facilitates system we-thinking, co-design and product development processes.

Michael is one of three co-authors of the Product Field, a new sense-making methodology for product innovation. The Product Field helps you navigate the complexity of your product, align the perspectives of all stakeholders, find your focus, and make the right decisions.