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Lightning Talk


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

Plan a new sprint. Build this. Add that to the backlog. We're constantly building new features and products to satisfy the needs of every single person on the planet. Modern day design methodologies keeps tech teams running and business teams hustling. But isn't it time we stop and take a step back?

UX is not just a tool for businesses to make more money. It is a step towards ethical ecosystems where we can create value for the industry. Designers are the bridges that lead the way to ethical processes; and it’s time for a more thoughtful way to run how we build things.

About Melody

Melody Koh

Melody Koh

Product Design Lead at BlockPunk

Melody currently leads product design at BlockPunk, re-defining an ecosystem for digital content and merchandising for the anime industry.

She enjoys working with start-ups and innovation labs; previously in 7 start-ups and was one of the four founding designers of BNP Paribas's Design team. Hailing from the sunny island of Singapore, she enjoys grabbing a cup of bubble tea and smelling durians when in season. Melody is a strong believer of ethical design, and practices that in her day-to-day work.