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Designing Bad Interfaces

By Laura Vidal

Session type

Lightning Talk


Fri, 25 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

We are surrounded by bad interfaces – on our way to work, inside our homes, on the palm of our hand, they are everywhere.

But we, designers, take pride in creating smooth, enjoyable experiences and interfaces for our customers and users and would never create such poorly designed systems… Or would we? Is it possible to find a certain joy in doing the wrong thing?

This fun talk takes a look at real cases and catastrophes caused by flawed interfaces, and absurd, mean or just downright bad designs for common objects and systems. As a takeaway, we’ll learn a few tips to keep in mind while doing our (good) job and leave these bad interfaces behind.

In case of doubt, what would Darth Vader do?

About Laura

Laura Vidal

Laura Vidal

Design Lead at More than Metrics

Laura Vidal is a graphic designer & engineer specialised in interface design for web and mobile applications.

Laura loves machines but also humans, and observing the interactions between those two brings her joy. She works at the intersection between her engineering and graphic design backgrounds, creating delightful interfaces and experiences for people.

Currently, Laura is the Design Lead at More than Metrics, a company that creates digital tools and tangible resources for CX experts and service designers.