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Design v. Development – A DesignOps method to ease the pain

By Carlo Frinolli and Imke Bähr

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Breakout room 5 - main stage

About this session

A big part of all our everyday work lives is finding the right workflow for productive and fruitful collaboration between design and development.

At the beginning of this session, we will introduce you to our proposal for an approach developed at the DEED Meetup through co-design, inclusion and teaming up from the very beginning. At the core of it is a more fluid mindset for designing and executing: a working DesignOps process from our point of view.

In the second part of this breakout session, we want to extend the conversation about how others tackle the issue to the group: How might we avoid pain during design execution and work better together?

Our recommendation:

Please head to your breakout session room 10 minutes ahead of the start time to keep everything on schedule and make sure you get a seat, as space is limited in each room except the main stage. Thank you!

About Carlo

Carlo Frinolli

Carlo Frinolli

Founder & Head of Design at NOIS3

Carlo Frinolli is Head of Design and CEO of NOIS3, and a passionate facilitator of Design Sprints. When he doesn’t cook up a storm – for the daily Thanksgiving to his crew – innovation, usability and human-centered design are his favourite recipes.

His path is also lined with events and meetup focused on contents linked to co-design techniques. He is co-founder of the DEED Meetup Rome and the WUD Rome. His mission is to optimize the various processes that improve people's lives. Rome is his home: he works, lives and teaches there.

Any question? The answer is always 42.

About Imke

Imke Bähr

Imke Bähr

Co-Founder & Head of research at NOIS3

Imke is a co-founder of NOIS3 and also active in the community as a co-founder of the WUD Rome and a host of the DEED Design Development Meetup in Rome.

She is a user researcher by trade and since 2011 she has been organizing and promoting service design and events in partnership. One of her passions is the open web and open learning experiences: she deeply believes in the value of sharing knowledge. Imke trusts in results which may be obtained from co-design and accurate analysis of the reality.