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Focus Talk


Fri, 25 Oct 2019


Main stage

About this session

Studies show that trust in institutions is eroding rapidly in our society. In the age of global crisis and an industrialized attention economy, we find it increasingly difficult to really trust anything just by staring at screens. Trust is a fundamental mechanism of our brain and an essential way of dealing with the world. Trust reduces social complexity and is important for finding consensus and taking responsibility. It is crucial for staying actionable and healthy. It is the conditio sine qua non of all UX. Is there a role for digital technology which actually supports creating trust?

Through examples from his work at MESO, Sebastian shows how digital experiences in spaces like museums and brand spaces can be designed to encourage trust.

About Sebastian

Sebastian Oschatz

Sebastian Oschatz

Partner at MESO Digital Interiors

Sebastian has been working on digital systems for communicative spaces for over 25 years. With the team at MESO he works with cultural institutions and companies to develop exhibitions, future work places and spatial prototypes.

He sparked the development of the graphical programming language vvvv and the biennal NODE Forum for Digital Arts. Until 1994 he was part of the music project Oval, which pioneered experimental glitch aesthetic with an accessible pop sensibility. Sebastian is professor for interaction design at the University of Art and Design (HfG) Offenbach.