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Collaborative Product Thinking

By Michael Schieben

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Breakout room 1 - side wing

About this session

There is no silver-bullet to product innovation. All prescriptive practices and processes are defeated by innovation’s inherent complexity. What now? Deal with complexity and start making sense of it.

In this session, participants will work in teams to build first-hand knowledge in using the Product Field approach.

Learn how to apply the Product Field to map a real product, check the quality of your description and identity the true character of your product innovation under the guidance of one of the authors of this new, powerful technique.
Experience the power of a common vocabulary and well-defined form to enable collaborative thinking and sense-making, and bring home a new holistic skill.

Our recommendation:

Please head to your breakout session room 10 minutes ahead of the start time to keep everything on schedule and make sure you get a seat, as space is limited in each room except the main stage. Thank you!

About Michael

Michael Schieben

Michael Schieben

Product Innovator at Product Field

Michael's craft is programming, his mindset is Design. He helps others create and collaborate on sustainable product and service innovation. He facilitates system we-thinking, co-design and product development processes.

Michael is one of three co-authors of the Product Field, a new sense-making methodology for product innovation. The Product Field helps you navigate the complexity of your product, align the perspectives of all stakeholders, find your focus, and make the right decisions.