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Boosting Your Bias Immunity

By Lauren Isaacson

Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 24 Oct 2019


Breakout room 2 - side wing

About this session

Bias is everywhere. It affects design choices, product decisions, whom we hire, how we live. It’s like polluted air – impossible to avoid, but possible to identify and filter.

By becoming more aware of different types of bias, we can conduct better research and make more objective decisions.

In this session, we will discuss different types of biases, strategies to avoid them, and open the floor to talk about biases we encounter and what we can do about them.

Our recommendation:

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About Lauren

Lauren Isaacson

Lauren Isaacson

Market and UX Research Consultant at Curio Research

Lauren Isaacson is a market and user experience research consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia. Before striking out on her own, Lauren worked on research, analysis, and strategy projects for Nissan and Infiniti Motors, Microsoft, eHarmony, and other business-to-business and non-profit organizations, helping them understand their customers better. She does the same on a consulting basis for BlinkUX, Mozilla, SAP, Applause, Coast Capital Savings, Motivate Design, and more.

She is currently contracting with a Canadian telecommunications company, TELUS Digital, as their UX Research Lead.
Lauren is the former chair of the BC chapter of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and the current chapter co-chair of the QRCA PNW Chapter.