Live Website Critique

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Breakout Session

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Is your website turning clients away?

In this session, digital strategy consultant Daniel G. Siegel will review websites of attending designers, experts and businesses and give actionable advice on how to improve them.

A website should be one's most effective sales tool, but most visitors won't even last a minute. That's right; you have less than 20 seconds to make an impact. Daniel will do a complete assessment of a website's current capabilities to see how the digital strategy and brand positioning can be strengthened.

About the Speaker

Daniel G. Siegel

Digital Strategy Consultant

Daniel G. Siegel is a digital strategy consultant empowering expert firms to grow their business by giving them the strategy, technology, and skills to become a trusted brand.

He co-founded and served as CTO of Not Just A Label, the world's leading designer platform in contemporary fashion with over 35,000 designers from more than 150 countries. Later, he joined Accenture's emerging technology team, where he developed digital strategy for Fortune Global 500 companies.

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Live Website Critique

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