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Session type

Breakout Session


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Breakout Room #4

About this session

Everything about neurodiversity and UX you have always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion are more prevalent than ever, having gone through global incidents such as the war on Ukraine or the Covid-19 pandemic. To minimize these paralyzing feelings means to make your UX more inclusive, accessible and user-friendly.

Whenever Katrin speaks at a conference, shares her opinions on a podcast or appears in a workshop or webinar, she attempts to show you her world as a neurodivergent designer.

But what she also cares about is sharing how a different approach to working in UX will lead to an advanced level of inclusion and accessibility: neuroinclusion is the key to unlock a smoother experience of digital interfaces for so many people around the world.

This hands-on session will not only reveal how to practice neuroinclusive UX. Katrin will show you several tricks and workarounds from her years of experience as a UX professional and her life-long track record of being a neurodivergent person.

What to Expect

A session giving you an overview of neurodivergencies, a short guide for an improved UX practice and some hands-on exercises to tackle.


Curiosity about how neurodivergent brains can teach you another way of looking at UX in general.

Experience Level

For everyone who is keen on designing for... everyone.

About Katrin

Katrin Suetterlin

Katrin Suetterlin

Content Design Lead at wefox Group

Katrin Suetterlin is a Content design lead. Her work is focused on content design and UX writing advocacy, UX content strategy, information architecture and a consistent end-to-end user journey.

She has been a passionate writer for all of her professional life. With an academic background of a Master's degree in German and English literature, she decided help refugees and migrants as a language teacher, while she never stopped writing as a freelancer. Katrin also dabbled in writing roles involving SEO, PR and performance marketing before she turned to her calling, user experience and writing for digital interfaces seven years ago and never looked back.

A committed public speaker, she's always advocating for the impact of inclusion and ethical design, while further pushing the visibility of neurodiversity and UX—for no users but also for designers with neurodivergencies. Frequently appearing in talks for podcasts, conferences and meetups, her goal is to bring a different perspective to the UX community's discourse and continuously learning from others.