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How effective communication gets design leading the conversation

By Jocelyne Dittmer

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Focus Talk


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Main stage

About this session

Designers have lots of great insights into user needs, the problem that needs to be solved and how to get to a solid outcome. The challenge is that we’re not always involved early enough in the conversation to steer the strategy and direction of a project - we’ve all had that brief land on our desk with the technology or solution already identified.

Jocelyne reveals the pitfalls and lessons learned from leading over 50 client engagements and suggests new tools and techniques we can all use to get design leading the conversation.

This talk is suitable for anyone designing products or experiences within consulting or product teams.

About Jocelyne

Jocelyne Dittmer

Jocelyne Dittmer

Design Lead at IBM

Jocelyne Dittmer is a design leader with over 14 years of product, industry and consulting experience. She currently works at IBM where she tackles really interesting innovation challenges that leverage a human-centered and lean approach to product design and tap into the best of what emerging technology has to offer.

Before joining IBM, Jocelyne was a designer and researcher at MAYA Design (acquired by Boston Consulting Group). Here she accelerated digital innovation within client organisations and coached teams on human-centered design best practices.

Prior to MAYA Design, she worked with large multinational companies across continents to craft refined digital user experiences at Markit On Demand (acquired by IHS Markit).

Jocelyne received a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. Some of her past clients include EY, HSBC, Visa, CNBC, The Climate Service, Versus Arthritis and World Health Organisation.