Endineering. From cookies to consequence.

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Deep Dive Talk

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Face it, all your projects are going to die and you haven’t even designed the end. In a world that is flooded with new apps, services, and products can we really assume that our product won’t be killed off in the evolutionary cycle of the ‘next big thing’? While we blindly focus on creating a user experience for on-boarding and usage we overlook the end.

Improving the design of endings promises enormous opportunities. Endings improve the accuracy of deleting, reclaiming or removing materials. They raise brand perception through increased communication. Businesses with better endings have higher consumer satisfaction. Product creators have an opportunity to lead in this emerging field of design, endings will be a competitive differentiator.

This talk will reveal how shards of the consumer experience break lacking a coherent ending. It will provide examples of how this can be avoided and the improvements people can make. Techniques and approaches will be shared that help discussion, design and delivery of endings for consumers in your own projects and products.

Become an Endineer and design ends.

About the Speaker

Joe Macleod

Founder & Head of Endineering at andEnd

Joe Macleod is founder of the worlds first customer ending business. A veteran of product development industry with decades of experience across service, digital and product sectors. Head of Endineering at AndEnd. TEDx Speaker.⁠

Wired says “An energetic Englishman, Macleod advises companies on how to game out their endgames. Every product faces a cycle of endings, from breakage to customer burnout to falling behind consumption trends. It's important to plan for each of them. Not all companies do."⁠

Joe is also the author of the Ends (2017) book, that iFixIt⁠ called “the best book about consumer e-waste”. And the new book – Endineering (2021), that people are saying “defines and maps out a whole new sub-discipline of study”⁠. The DoLectures consider the Endineering book one of the best business books of 2022.

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18 Oct

Full-Day Workshop

This workshop takes place the day before the conference and requires a separate ticket if you’d like to join.

Become an Endineer

Full day workshop • Wednesday 18 October 2023

Workshops require a separate ticket from the conference. You're welcome to join a workshop without attending the conference.

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to creating consumer off-boarding experiences for products, services and digital products.

The session will be a mix of lectures, individual and group activities. Attendees will investigate bespoke new tools and approaches to help them create world class consumer off-boarding experiences. Attendees will build a new perspective of the consumer lifecycle and experience new approaches that define this emerging area of product development.

Why Endings?

The off-boarding of the consumer is an untapped area of action in the consumer lifecycle. It can help businesses align with new business models, increase consumer engagement, raise customer satisfaction, broaden business influence, pre-empt legislation, and maximise sustainability. If you're interested in making a difference with your product experience then look at the end.

Who is it for?

It is relevant to those working in product development, user experience, marketing, design, service and interaction design, strategy, customer relationship management (CRM), sustainability. It can be applied to any area of consumer products including b2b. Applicable for an audience of mixed skills. Accessible to many education levels and backgrounds.

Aims of the day

  • Attendees will be among a few people who are engaging in this new approach to product development. The perspective and skills they learn in this session will enrich their working practice; bringing tangible benefits to the products they work with in the future. Amongst issues covered will be...
  • History of why endings are overlooked in the consumer lifecycle
  • Critical impact gaps exposed at the end
  • Selling the importance of endings to stakeholders
  • Types of endings experienced by the consumer
  • Phases of consumer off-boarding
  • Methods to minimise the impact of bad endings
  • Tools to help your team build better consumer endings
  • Business opportunities missed at the end

What's included

You’ll participate in a full-day workshop with a maximum of 30 participants, which gives you great exposure to the workshop trainer in an intimate setting. We will take you for lunch and provide refreshments throughout the day to keep you energised, all included in the workshop fee. Workshop materials like pencils, markers and paper will be supplied as well where needed.

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