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Blurring Boundaries: Design, Data & Impactful Measurement

By Jessa Parette

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Deep Dive Talk


Thu, 19 Oct 2023


Main stage

About this session

Are you frustrated with reactive measures to user experiences? Tired of unused research, repetitive studies & justifying the need to automate measures? As the boundaries between design, technology and business blur, the significance of establishing robust, objective databases of measurable design metrics cannot be overstated.

In this talk, Jessa will empower you with transformative tools needed to harness the combined power of data and design, unveiling a compelling, data-driven framework designed to bridge the gap between software development and design.

About Jessa

Jessa Parette

Jessa Parette

Head of Design Operations & Data at Capital One

Jessa is a leader who connects technology and strategy with intentional design. She is currently Head of Design Data & Operations for all of Capital One's design organization. She has pioneered data strategy for design within Capital One, creating scalable systems of automation for design metrics across products. Her team drives end to end experiences for designers, product and developers, focusing on using intentional research, quantitative metrics, a strong design system and visionary design strategy.

Jessa's previous roles included leading research and design as Head of UX for all of Walmart’s associate digital experience. She has worked with analytics teams, innovation labs, independent firms, nonprofits and marketing agencies, and seeks to augment the human experience wherever possible.