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breakout sessions

The call for breakouts has ended – thank you for your interest!

Let’s get hands-on

Design is a practice, so we want to go beyond talking about it at PUSH.

In addition to the talks, our breakout sessions offer to engage with design topics hands-on and in more intimate groups.

Bring your activity to PUSH UX 2023!

Do you have a great idea for an interactive format to add to the conference?

We are looking for sessions covering:

  • design research
  • design for inclusivity/ accessibility
  • prototyping
  • design tools for crafting beautiful user interfaces
  • and anything else that is relevant for UX professionals

The details

Your format can be a round table discussion, knowledge sharing or training, a mini-meetup, co-creation or similar.

Breakout Sessions at PUSH are typically run by one or two hosts.

Each breakout runs for 45 minutes and hosts 20-40 participants.

As a session host you will of course receive a free ticket for both event days! We're also able to cover the cost of workshop materials.

Frequently asked questions

Breakout sessions are a great small-scale format to get involved at the event if you’re planning to attend anyways. As we try to accept a large number of sessions, we are not able to cover transportation or accommodation as a rule for all hosts. Breakout session hosts will receive a complimentary ticket to both conference days including catering, and a small present to thank you for your contribution.

If you have requests regarding costs coverage e.g. because you’re producing workshop artefacts like a card deck please share them in the form under “Anything else you'd like to let us know when reviewing your application?”.

No. Submitting proposals and hosting breakout sessions at PUSH is completely free of any cost to you. We actually never sell breakout sessions slots.

Yes! Simply make a copy of this Google doc and you're ready to go.

No. We review submissions on an ongoing basis rather than at a single date. The sooner you send yours, the sooner we can consider your proposal in the curators board. Since the narrative of the program evolves over time, we might reach out to you quickly or closer to the conference. We aim to give you regular updates on the status of your submission.

Of course! You can share them one after the other through the form on this page.
If you want to add more proposals later, use the personalised link we provide in your submission confirmation email. This way we can connect all your proposals to your existing breakout session host profile.

Yes. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have their consent to share their personal data and content.

No. We do not sell any content slots at PUSH UX. Our criteria for selecting sessions solely consider the quality and relevance of content and host experience.

If you have something interesting to share, you’re invited to submit your proposal through the public call for content. If your session is selected, there will be no costs involved in hosting it at PUSH.

The official language of the conference is English. This includes all talks, breakout sessions and workshops. Please submit your proposal and samples in English as well.

If you want to attend the conference no matter if you’re also invited as a host, we recommend you buy a ticket as soon as possible. This way you can be sure to have a spot and get the best possible price.

If your proposal is accepted later, we will of course switch you to a free host pass and fully refund your guest ticket.

Francesca Terzi


Curator and community ambassador

Thank you for your proposals!

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