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October 19-20
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Why participate?

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11 years and counting

PUSH is active since 2012 and run by an engaged group of practising designers. We truly care about the advancement of the digital interactive field we ourselves are part of.

In addition to our decade of experience, we grow through responding to feedback. This way we can improve what’s great, push things forward every year and add new valuable details. For example, you can explore a whole new range of interactive sessions that we’ve given a dedicated time slot in the program since 2019, after the first small versions like the Lean Coffee discussions or the Failure Slam were so well received during the breaks of our past editions.

A panel of speakers smiling on a stage

Where world-class feels like friends & family

We love the feedback we get about our friends and family atmosphere paired with high-quality content. Professional exchange can be relaxed, and we integrate that principle everywhere.

In the same spirit, our single track program means that you can focus on enjoying a well put together narrative without constantly choosing, moving and missing out.

We care about the curation as well as the experience and invest a lot of time in getting it right. You will feel that in every moment and every detail.

A member of the audience asking a question

Breathe, talk and touch design

PUSH is a full package for all senses: Explore our unique interactive project exhibition with more than 20 curated design and technology projects and experiments to get your hands on. Customise your program by picking from a range of community hosted break out sessions. And at the heart of it all, 18 presentations from Lightning Talks to Deep Dives give you inspiration and insights on all things UX design.

All this offers you a rich experience full of variety in one visit, which you will rarely find at other events.

What our guests say

We are proud of the consistently great feedback we get from our guests – both on the talks on stage and on the overall event experience.

The audience at PUSH UX enjoying a talk

“Honestly one of the best conferences I have attended this year”


“If there’s one conference that will stay on my list of repeats, it’s PUSH UX.”


“Wonderful, inspiring talks!”


“PUSH Conference really knows how to create an experience.”

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