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Share your work with 650 fellow UX professionals! Pick from a range of formats to fit your content and speaking experience.

Our Frequently Asked Questions and details on formats, topics and timelines below are a great starting point.

Submit your proposal to our curators board once you're ready – we can't wait to hear about your ideas!


Pick from one of our three formats depending on your speaking experience and the depth of your presentation:

  • Lightning Talk
 10min for a specific learning or message or your first talk
  • Focus Talk 20min for a full case study or a single theme
  • Deep Dive 45min for topics that need context or multiple cases

As PUSH is a single track conference, you can be sure to have the undivided attention of the audience on the grand stage no matter which format you choose.


We are particularly looking for submissions in these areas:

  • Reflection: how has digital design developed over the past 10/50/10000 years, what can we build on?
  • Looking forward: where are we headed or should we head next, and how?
  • Case studies of outstanding interface design, delightful UIs
  • Understanding users and having impact through insights and empathy
  • Innovative processes that create better products and better teams
  • UX beyond the screen
  • Design Identity: finding a purpose/ having impact as designers, maturing of Design, careers and roles, operations


We review submissions as they come in. So the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can consider your proposal in the curator's board.

If you plan to attend the event in any case, we recommend you book a guest ticket now to get the best price. Should you be invited as a speaker, we'll refund the ticket fee – see also our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Prepare your talk proposal content. This should include a description, a few sample slides and for longer talks a speaking sample e.g. as video. If you have no or little speaking experience, you're very invited to give a 10 minute Lightning Talk a try! Experience is what makes you a master.
  2. Submit your material via the form above as soon as you're ready. We're constantly reviewing submissions.
  3. Our curators' board will review your submission. If it fits the narrative, meets certain qualities and is no duplicate or overlap to existing content, we will get in touch with you and formally accept your submission with an invitation.
  4. All speakers receive free admission to the conference. If you already purchased a ticket, we will refund the ticket fee in case you're later selected as a speaker. For longer talk formats, we can also cover travel and accommodation.

Yes, we cover accommodation and travel for speakers of our longer talk formats (Focus Talk and Deep Dive).

Of course! Please submit each proposal individually through the form on this page.

Yes you may do so, if you have their consent.

No, submitting a proposal or speaking at PUSH does not come with any costs. In fact, we never sell speaking slots.

No, we do not sell speaking slots. Our only criteria for selecting talks regard the quality and relevance of content and speaking performance.

If you have something interesting to share, you're invited to submit your proposal to the call for speakers. If your proposal is selected, there will be no costs involved in speaking.

All of the communication around and at the event is done in English. This includes all talks, sessions and workshops. Please submit your proposal and speaking samples in English as well.

If you want to attend the conference no matter if you're also invited as a speaker, we recommend you buy a ticket as soon as possible.

This way, you'll make use of the best ticket price, as categories go up in price closer to the event date. If your proposal is accepted and you become a speaker, we will of course refund the ticket fee you've paid.

Call for breakout sessions

Have you got something more hands-on or are you looking for audience interaction? Have a look at our Breakout Session format:

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Call for exhibition

Do you have a physical design project, prototype or other artefact? Then including it in our exhibition is for you:

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We're looking forward to your proposal!