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Share your ideas and learnings with 650+ fellow UX professionals on our grand stage! Our variety of talk formats allows you to pick right duration and framing of your story.

Our tips to make your proposal stand out

In 10 years we've reviewed more than 500 proposals as part of curating PUSH. Here are our learnings summarised into 4 areas of advice for you. An easy start to make sure your proposal excites our curators and your audience alike!

Take your time and prepare your content without pressure using our handy template. Once you're ready, simply copy everything to the submission form.

Start at the end

Imagine you sit in the audience and somebody else gives your talk. What key points would you note down to remember and share with a colleague back at the office?

Be as specific about the key take-aways as you can.

Not only will this enable our curators to understand the value your talk will provide to your listeners. Having this clarity will help yourself in shaping your narrative and slides.

Make it applicable

The number one ask by guests is for talks that provide concrete advice. Inspirational talks are fantastic and they always have a place on our stage. Yet high level topics also make up the majority of submissions we receive.

If you want to stand out to us and give the audience what they are looking for, consider a practice oriented topic. Try to include clear instructions that people can apply.

What real world examples, specific principles, techniques, tools, best practices, templates or insights can you offer?

Help us get to know you

The best way to get us excited about your presence as a speaker is a recording of you in a similar context.

Perhaps you've given the same or a similar talk before? Excellent! You can include a link to the video in your proposal.

And we're just as happy if you're starting your journey as a speaker. Simply give us a taste with a brief recording of a section of your talk draft at home. Makes for good practice, too!

Frequently asked questions

Do you support travel and accomodation?

Yes! We cover accommodation and travel for all speakers on the main stage.

Does it cost anything to submit a proposal or speak?

No. Submitting proposals and speaking at PUSH is completely free of any cost to you.

We actually never sell speaking slots.

Is there a template to prepare my content?

Yes! Simply make copy of this Google doc and you're ready to go.

Can multiple speakers give a talk together?

Yes, but there should be a clear benefit. Please make this tangible in your submission details if needed.

For example a talk might discuss great collaboration between design and engineering. Here, a designer and an engineer as co-presenters might be able to make their case more strongly and provide valuable points from their particular perspectives.

Based on our experience, multiple speakers increase the complexity of every aspect of the presentation. We only recommend it for seasoned speakers or if you are sure you can manage the added complexity by investing more time in preparation and rehearsals.

Is there a deadline?

No. We review submissions on an ongoing basis rather than at a single deadline date. The sooner you send yours, the sooner we can consider your proposal in the board of curators.

Since the narrative of the program evolves over time, we might reach out to you quickly or closer to the conference.

We aim to give you regular updates on the status of your submission.

Can I submit multiple proposals?

Of course! You can share them one after the other through the form on this page.

If you want to add more proposals later, use the personalized link we provide in your submission confirmation email. This way we can connect all your proposals to your existing speaker profile.

Can I submit a proposal on behalf of a colleague?

Yes. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have their consent to share their personal data and content.

Can I book a speaking slot by paying a fee or as part of sponsoring?

No. We do not sell speaking slots on the main stage.

Our criteria for selecting talks solely consider the quality and relevance of content and speaking performance.

That being said, we have sponsor packages available that include speaking time on our partner stage, as well as many other benefits. Get in touch to learn more.

Inquire about sponsor packages
What languages can my talk use?

The official language of the conference is English. This includes all talks, sessions and workshops.

Please submit your proposal and speaking samples in English as well.

Should I buy a ticket while waiting for a decision?

If you want to attend the conference no matter if you’re also invited as a speaker, we recommend you buy a ticket as soon as possible.

This way you can be sure to have a spot and get the best possible price.

If your proposal is accepted later, we will of course switch you to a free speaker pass and fully refund your guest ticket.

Ready to submit?

Set up your speaker profile and submit one or more talk proposals through the form below.

You can also prepare your content upfront using our handy Google doc template.